Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Young Leader

This year I have deiced to apply to be a Young Leader. Each year there are only a certain amount of people who are chosen to be Young leaders. This year about thirty children have applied to be one. The qualities you need to be a Young Leader are you need to be responsible, confident, reliable, sensible and kind. If you are a Young Leader you are always being looked up to by the other children and most times you are counted on to do something. It is a big honor if you become a Young Leader because you would be treated with respect and you get to host whole school assemblies. Being a Young Leader will be fun and exciting.


Our topic we are learning about is K.O.S - Keeping Ourselves Safe.

In Room 16 we have been learning about making safe choices and unsafe choices and the positive or negative consequences of our actions.

To be safe you must always be confident because confident kids makes good decision.

To be confident you must walk and talk in confident ways, express your feelings in a safe way and most important is make the right decisions and be confident to seek help in any situation, like for example someone bullies your best friend and you're brave enough to stand up to the bully but your best friend is not brave enough. You also must have your chest held high, stand tall, have your head held high, shoulders are not hunched and must be brave enough to share your ideas.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


It was a really special day for the Year 6 students. They're having their graduation. It's kind of boring for the Year 5's but really exciting for the Year 6's. 

Brandon nominated for 'Highest Achievement' (boys) award.
Quiyanah nominated for 'Effort Brings Success' (girls) award.

Chevy reading her graduation speech and winner of 'Outstanding Contributions' (girl) award.
Marri-Anne and Marire were nominated for the 'Highest Achievement' (girls) award.

TeAo winner of 'Leabank Excellence in Attitude' award.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Candy Cane Wreaths

Made with love for a special member of their family💖

Merry Christmas

press the green flag to start press up or space to go up press down to go down and right and left to go left and right. press 9 if the present dont come up

Green Flag To start

Red To stop

Don't Hit The Buildings And The Clouds   

If It Doesn't Work Press This Page And It'll Work

Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Pong Game

Green Flag to start

Red to stop

Use green paddle to stop the ball from touching the ground

If show error press this page to start it

A pong game

To play you have to press the green button and dont let the ball touch the red line.

Your mouse can control the paddle so have a good game.

Monday, 27 November 2017


Woohoo, it was our first day going to Camp Adair and everyone was really excited. Everyone was talking about what they were going to do there. Everyone who went camping had a great first day👍

Image result for camp adair mudslide

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Cultural Performance

 Last week the senior school students participated in different cultural group performances. Here are some pictures of my group, the Kapa Haka group performing.

By Marire Tupaea-Adams