Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Our topic we are learning about is K.O.S - Keeping Ourselves Safe.

In Room 16 we have been learning about making safe choices and unsafe choices and the positive or negative consequences of our actions.

To be safe you must always be confident because confident kids makes good decision.

To be confident you must walk and talk in confident ways, express your feelings in a safe way and most important is make the right decisions and be confident to seek help in any situation, like for example someone bullies your best friend and you're brave enough to stand up to the bully but your best friend is not brave enough. You also must have your chest held high, stand tall, have your head held high, shoulders are not hunched and must be brave enough to share your ideas.


  1. I have learnt lots of ideas for keeping ourselves safe from this post

  2. thank you for sharing all this information.

  3. this is really good because we know now how to keep ourselves safe


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