Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Medieval Visit

On Wednesday the 17th of June, Leabank Senior School got a visit from a special guest Steve Heke.
He showed us some of his armour and talked to us about what the tournaments are all about.  He is part of a club that practises throughout the week and anyone can go along and join.  His armour is handmade and the helmet was really heavy.  It has to be strong enough to protect his head.  He knew a lot about knights in the olden days and battles.  It was really informative and we got to see some olden day weapons and armour that they would have used in the Middle Ages.


  1. my favorite Armour is the helmet

  2. Lucky it is strong enough to protect his head, otherwise I don't think he would have let the students hit him on the head with the axe.

  3. joseph manu18/8/15 7:42 pm

    Armour is so heavy to lift

  4. i think armour is the best because its got great designing and chain male, and think black is the best coulor for the armour

  5. There were very interesting facts about Medieval and how they were presented.


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