Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Feed with Frank

Feed the Need have been supplying fabulous hot lunches to our students throughout winter.  Today we got to say goodbye with a spectacular shared lunch with Room 11 and ex All Black FRANK BUNCE!!!

After welcoming Frank and the team from Feed the Need with a school powhiri, students from Rm21 and Rm11 sat down with Frank and the team to a delicious hot beef stew with buttered bread buns.

Great food and good company:)

                   THANK YOU FEED THE NEED 


  1. That was such an awesome day even though I didn't eat the food

  2. Joseph manu21/8/15 8:48 pm

    it was cool having lunch with frank bunce

  3. It was a so cool!!! getting to meet Frank Bunce.

  4. Metting a former All Black is cool even though i was too busy eating the soup when i didn't know they were taking a picture

  5. sweet aaaaaazzzzzzz story


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