Sunday, 16 August 2015

Making Catapults

As part of our topic 'The Middle Ages' we have been writing procedures.  One of our procedures was about how to make a catapult.  The focus was on writing a procedure using the correct text structure.
They had to show:
- a title that clearly says what they are writing about
- a goal that says what they want to achieve by the end
- materials needed
- a sequence of easy to follow steps (ordered correctly)
- use of bossy verbs (put, glue, cut...)
- use of time connectives (first, then, next, after...)

In pairs they worked together to follow their own procedure to make a catapult using ice-block sticks, plastic spoons, rubber bands, cardboard, tin foil, glue guns etc...
After they finished constructing their catapults, they had to decide whether or not they needed to revise and edit their procedural writing.

We ran out of time, but we will definitely be testing them some time next week!

Want to find out how to make your own catapult? - click here.


  1. it was fun making catapults

  2. this would be a good thing to do

  3. It will be lots of fun testing them too. Which one do you think will work the best?

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  5. Whaea Hoki18/8/15 6:40 pm

    Kia ora students in room 21, I enjoyed looking at all your photos of you all making Catapults. I can tell by looking at the photos that you were all focused and worked really hard. Your end result is fantastic. Well done!

  6. What do you think of using marshmallows to test our catapults???

  7. joseph manu18/8/15 7:29 pm

    Catapults throw big rocks

  8. so cool . I am from room11

  9. That is so cool room 21 . I am from room 11

  10. So cool I wish i was you from Lisa in room 11

  11. It was so fun 2day to have our catapolt challange

  12. Hi room 21 I really liked how you made different designs of a catapult.Cool what an amazing idea constructing a weapon from the Middle Ages.I wonder what your going to do next?


  13. Hi room 21, It looks like you all have had fun designing and exploring catapults. From Mrs Warren

  14. If you want to find out more there's a link at the top that you can click. Very easy and cheap to make:)


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