Saturday, 8 August 2015

Buddy Reading

Every Tuesday for the last term and a half, Room 21 and Room 8 meet in the school library for buddy reading.  The older students are paired up with the younger students. During the buddy reading process the students:

1) Discuss the book they are reading with the younger students.  They look at the pictures and discuss what's happening.  This is a good opportunity for them to pull out specific words or names of characters in the story.

2) They read the book together while the older students try to model good reading behaviours - where to start reading, how to stop at a full stop, pointing to each word as they read it, sounding out words they don't know...

3) Finally the younger students take over and read the book to the older students all by themselves.

It's been such a rich experience for the students.  Great self-esteem boost as they are engaged in the process and are more motivated to read.  The younger students feel a sense of accomplishment while building fluency and reading skills that will help improve their reading ability. The older students get to consolidate their own reading and questioning skills while being mentors to the younger students.  

Everybody wins!


  1. It was so fun to be able to help younger children in the juniors to get better at reading.

  2. It has been so good working together with room 8 they are so wonderful.

  3. joseph manu18/8/15 7:39 pm

    Room 8 is very good at reading

  4. fun reading with the room 8 children always exited

  5. So fun reading with rm 8 children always excited to help younger kids get better at reading keep it up

  6. I really enjoy reading with younger students

  7. Room 8 would like to say a big thank-you to Room 21. You have been an awesome reading buddy class and the children have greatly benefited from your assisting them with their reading. From me a BIG thank you for learning and teaching the children the skills that will help them become better readers. It has been great for all of us to get to know Room 21. Miss Miller Room 8


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