Tuesday, 10 November 2015


                School Camp


This term the senior school will be going to camp and having an awesome adventure.  Everyone has been put into groups.  The people in our group will share a cabin and do all the activities together. We will experience new things like rock climbing, abseiling, the mud slide, high ropes course, kayaking and lots more.  We will be leaving for camp next week to have an experience that will blow our minds.  We are feeling excited and a little nervous.  When we come back we get to break the news to people that didn't want to come to camp that we had the best adventure ever!!!

Sela and Elizabeth


  1. Great b sela and elizabeth have fun in your group from eden.

  2. I had lot of fun at camp lots of fun

  3. I had lot of fun at camp lots of fun

  4. It sounds very awesome !!!!

  5. I hope everyone had a great experience, whether you went to Camp Adair or Camp at School:)


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