Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Life Cycle of a Chicken

Lifecycle of a Chicken

There are many varieties of chicken.  A chicken is a type of bird that lays eggs.  The lifecycle of a chicken has 4 main steps.

Rooster and Hen
A rooster is a male chicken and a hen is a female chicken.  The rooster and the hen mate and breed to make chicks.  The hen lays the egg into the nest where she keeps them warm.

An egg can be oval shaped.  It is made up of the egg shell, egg white and yolk.  The egg shell is covered in lots of tiny holes that are hard to see.  It protects the baby chick from germs.

The hen makes the egg warm by sitting on the egg until it is ready to hatch.  When the chick is ready to hatch the shell will slowly begin to crack until the chick is completely out.

Growing Up
After the eggs hatch the mother hen will have to look after her chicks.  Eventually they will find their own family and the lifecycle will start all over again.

The lifecycle of a chicken is similar to the lifecycle of a frog.  They begin as eggs and then grow.  The lifecycle keeps going and going.


  1. Nice information about a chicken lifecycle

  2. Nice information about a chicken lifecycle

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