Wednesday, 4 November 2015

First Aid

NZ Red Cross People Saver

On Thursday 29th of October Room 21 learned how to be a people saver by giving basic first aid and assistance to any person suffering a sudden illness or injures affecting their body. There are 6 main steps to follow which are D-danger, R-response, S-send for help, A-airway, B-breathing and C-circulation. The most important one is S-send for help!

We worked in groups and with partners to try it on each person.  It was quite a lot of fun.  As I sat there like a quiet mouse I slightly giggled while my partner was checking me! Later on I got to try it on my partner while my other partner was observing what I was doing.  I was thinking to myself ''What should I do now?"  It takes a little while to get use to remembering what to do.  That's why remembering DRS ABC helps so much.  We practiced opening the airway by tilting the head so the chin is pointing up and using our thumb and pointing finger too.  We had to check our partner was breathing by putting our cheek close to their mouth.  If we could feel them breathing on our cheek and see their chest going up and down we knew they were able to breathe.  Gail showed us how to put someone in the recovery position (side stable position) and then we had a go at doing it too.  Towards the end learnt how to use a cloth to make a sling in case someone injured their arm.  Finally It was nearly time to leave. I was quite proud of all of us working hard so we might be able to help someone else one day.

This is one of the videos we watched about circulation.


  1. It was a fun session and I learnt that you cant put your hand in someone's mouth if they have gum or something else in their mouth because they might bite it or because you will push it down

  2. I know right I really hope we get the chance to save a persons life☺️I'd be glad oh yeah and 1 more thing we miss you hehe


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